About the Center – The Prevention and Research Center at Mercy

Prevention and Research at Mercy - Baltimore

The Prevention & Research Center at Mercy in Baltimore, Maryland, is dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients. Led by Dr. Kathy Helzlsouer, a nationally recognized expert in clinical research and disease management, the Center’s expert team of health care specialists focuses on the health and wellness of individuals who have been treated for cancer or who are at risk for cancer. The Center, working closely with experts in Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Breast Cancer and Gynecologic Oncology, participates in national, leading edge investigative clinical trials to advance cancer treatment options. 

Typically, such a resource for cancer genetic counseling, cancer genetic testing and cancer research is based in larger university settings. The Prevention & Research Center provides patients at Mercy and their families easy access to a community-hospital program that is collaborative and equipped with the latest findings in cancer research and cancer recovery.

Leading Edge Research in Cancer Treatment

The Prevention & Research Center participates in national investigative clinical trials that are vital in developing new treatment options for cancers including breast, ovarian and colon cancers. Working closely with Mercy’s top rated specialists in Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Breast Cancer, and Gynecologic Oncology, the Center takes recommended patients for clinical research trials that can help unlock new possibilities in cancer detection, treatment and recovery.

Comprehensive Genetic Counseling in Cancer

Individuals or families who have a family history of any type of cancer can visit The Prevention & Research Center at Mercy for genetic counseling. A full-time genetic counselor develops a comprehensive evaluation and identifies other factors that may increase the risk of developing cancer. Patients are provided with a preventive health care plan and an advanced understanding of their cancer risks and options for the future.

Regionally Recognized Expertise in Cancer Survivorship and Support Groups

Cancer patients sometimes suffer lingering health issues after their treatment is completed. The Prevention & Research Center at Mercy offers a number of support programs to help cancer survivors ease back into their lives while being aware of and educated on cancer recovery health issues. Patients are introduced to integrated therapies that help them cope and manage their symptoms. Active support groups connect them to other cancer patients and families.

A Mission of Leadership in Patient Care

The health care specialists of The Prevention & Research Center at Mercy provide cancer patients with information about cancer survivorship. We help individuals with possible cancer risk factors evaluate their chances of developing cancer.  We manage research trials that will shape future cancer treatment options. 

Our passion is to improve the health of women and men through prevention, early detection and cancer recovery in an environment of hope and encouragement.