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Dr. Amber Taylor - Endocrinology Center - Baltimore

Sneaky Signs Of Diabetes

October 21, 2014

There are sneaky signs of diabetes that many people ignore, and according to the American Diabetes Association, 8 million people don't even know they have the disease, and the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Women's Imaging at Mercy

Mercy Offers 3D Screening Mammography at No Additional Cost

October 16, 2014

Cutting-edge breast cancer screening technology known as Digital Tomosynthesis or 3D-Mammography is available at Mercy Medical Center at no extra cost.

Dr. Rebecca Cerrato - Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy - Baltimore

Ankle Replacement Surgery For Severe Arthritis

October 14, 2014

As baby boomers age, the amount of joint replacement surgeries they get has grown in number, and a total ankle replacement has become a promising option to eliminate the pain.

Im Robotic Headshot

Mercy’s Dr. Dwight Im First to Use New Robotic Instrument in GYN Surgery

October 10, 2014

Dwight D. Im, M.D., FACOG, Director of The Gynecologic Oncology Center at Mercy and The National Institute of Robotic Surgery at Mercy in Baltimore, became the first surgeon in the world to successfully perform a minimally-invasive hysterectomy via robotic surgery using the new Single-Site Wristed Needle Driver, developed by Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (ISRG).

Medical Oncology at Mercy - Baltimore

Hormone Therapy For Breast Cancer

October 6, 2014

When Monica Lovins and her oncologist, Mercy’s Dr. David Riseberg, Director of Breast Medical Oncology, discussed how they would fight her breast cancer, they had a plan of attack.

Ovarian Cancer Institute at Mercy - Baltimore

Mercy Opens New Ovarian Cancer Institute

September 30, 2014

Mercy Medical Center has become one of a few hospitals in the nation to develop a dedicated Ovarian Cancer Institute, focused solely on elevating the standard of care for ovarian disease.

Primary Care Physicians - Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore

Odd Food Cravings? Could Be Anemia

September 30, 2014

Anemia is the most common blood disorder in the U.S., and it's easily diagnosed with a simple blood test.

20 Years of The Woman's Doctor

Mercy Celebrates “The Year of the Woman”

September 24, 2014

Mercy Medical Center is proud to announce "The Year of the Woman," an innovative year-long celebration of the milestone anniversary of The Weinberg Center for Women’s Health and Medicine.

Urogynecology at Mercy - Baltimore

Dealing With Urge Incontinence

September 22, 2014

According to Mercy urogynecologist Dr. R. Mark Ellerkmann, having an overactive bladder, which is also known as urge incontinence, is a common problem that can be treated in a variety of ways.

Mercy Baltimore

“Dial-A-Downtown Doctor” Returns To Baltimore’s Airwaves

September 19, 2014

Over the past 20+ years, aficionados of Baltimore radio have gotten to know “Downtown Dave,” the alliteration-obsessed phone operator for Mercy Medical Center who helps the dyspeptic and distressed find a Mercy doctor.

Showing 1-10 of 380 Results

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