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Dan Collins, Senior Director of Media Relations

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IBS Awareness

Are Salmonella sufferers more prone to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

New research has found that children who suffered with Salmonella-induced gastroenteritis may be more likely to develop IBS in adulthood.

Urology at Mercy - Baltimore

Does Robotic Surgery Offer Better Cancer Control For Prostate Cancer?

April 2014 is National Cancer Control Month, a good time for cancer patients and those at risk for cancer to discuss ways to prevent and control this disease.

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Dr. Lisa Pichney, Mercy Medical helps raise awareness of Colon Cancer

Dr. Lisa Pichney, Mercy Medical Center will join Anna's Journey to discuss colon cancer. What is it? Symptoms? Diagnostic options? Treatments?

Source: BLOGTALK Radio, Anna Renault

Austin Ellis Sings For Mercy Medical Center Patients in Baltimore

On Friday, 3/21/2014, Austin Ellis, part of Team Adam Levine on The Voice, sang a few songs for Mercy Medical Center patients and staff.

Source: YouTube

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Dr. TJ Swope Dr. T.J. Swope Discusses Robotic Gallbladder Surgery › Dr. T.J. Swope, Director, Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery at Mercy, discusses performing robotic surgery using advanced Firefly imaging technology to make gallbladder surgery less invasive and more precise.

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