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Five Ways to Curb Office Snacking

December 13, 2014

...“Include a fruit, vegetable, lean protein and whole grain to help you stay fuller longer and have more energy,” said registered dietitian Leigh Tracy, of Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. She suggested making your lunch the night before, instead of in the morning when you're rushing...

Source: Buffalo News – Online

Introducing Aronia, Acai and More

December 13, 2014

...juice and smoothies. You may have heard of acai berries as a nearly magical cure-all for a wide array of ills. But Leigh Tracy, RD, LDN, a dietitian at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, urges consumers to take a more balanced view: Acai "has been called a superfood that will help...


The 10 Best and Worst Holiday Foods

December 12, 2014

...veggies is the perfect accompaniment to any holiday meal. "All the nutritional experts agree?the more fruits and vegetables in your diet, the better," says Dana Simpler, MD, a physician at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Substitute guacamole or salsa for sour cream-based dips,...


Sights of the Season

December 11, 2014

...Your Soles" effort that has provided footwear and foot care to more than 24,000 low-income and homeless people in the U.S. since its first event in 2006. Baltimore benefit In a Baltimore "Our Hearts to Your Soles" event, clinicians with the Institute for Foot and Ankle...

Source: Catholic Health World – Online

Spotlight: Patient Navigator

December 11, 2014

Stacey Huber is a patient navigator at Mercy Medical Center in partnership with the American Cancer Society.

Source: Baltimore Sun

Tips to Help Your Feet Look & Feel Their Best

December 10, 2014

...and uneven floors can cause. "The environment you put your foot in can certainly influence whether or not you will have pain or other symptoms," says Gary Pichney, DPM, of the Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. "And there are...


Treatments Can Improve Myasthenia Gravis Symptoms

December 8, 2014

...started the symptoms, it's like something wrong and you don't know," Terell said. Not knowing was scary, and even though it was a long time ago, the Baltimore grandmother said getting the news she had myasthenia gravis was alarming. Many doctors, like neurologist Bonnie Gerecke with Mercy...

Source: WBAL-TV – Online

Pain-Preventing Stretches to Do at Work

December 4, 2014

...source of aches, such as back pain and neck pain. Sitting in one place for hours at a time often leads to a tight neck, shoulders, back, and more, says Maureen McBeth, PT, a physical therapist at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. “Our bodies are made to move,” says McBeth....

Source: Everyday Health

Everseat Plans Fast Growth After Signing Mercy Medical Center To Use Its Last-Minute Appointment App

December 3, 2014

Jeff Peres, CEO of Everseat, says his company is getting "the fuel we need in the tank." Sarah Gantz Reporter- Baltimore Business Journal Baltimore startup Everseat has inked a deal with Mercy Medical Center that will launch the mobile...

Source: Baltimore Business Journal

Hot Topics: COPD

December 3, 2014

...12/3/2014) How do clinicians decide on treatment for patients with COPD? That was the question MedPage Today asked Albert Polito, MD, director of The Lung Center at Mercy in Baltimore, and Ravi Kalhan, MD, director of the Northwestern University Asthma and COPD Program in Chicago. ...

Source: MedPage Today

Showing 1-10 of 535 Results

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