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50 Women to Watch 2014 - Dr. Teresa Diaz-Montes

October 31, 2014

When Mercy Medical Center offered Teresa Diaz-Montes the chance to help lead a new ovarian cancer center, she jumped at the chance to find new ways of tackling the deadly disease.

Source: The Baltimore Sun

Curb Office Snacking

October 27, 2014

... Picking the right mix of food for your daytime meal can help fortify you against an afternoon attack of the snacks. “Include a fruit, vegetable, lean protein, and whole grain to help you stay fuller longer and have more energy,” said Leigh Tracy, RD, of Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. She suggests making your lunch the night before, instead of in the morning when you're rushing out the door and may not have time to think a balanced meal through. 3. Keep crave-worthy foods out...

Source: Wichita Eagle – Online, Dubuque Telegraph Herald

Low-risk Surgery Helps Fix Disc, Nerve Problems In Neck

October 27, 2014

...Morgan, whose friends said she's walking taller these days. "People said my posture had improved and I'd grown half an inch," said Morgan, who had been suffering from numbness in her arms for months. After consulting several doctors, she made her way to Mercy Medical Center surgeon Dr. Charles Edwards. "What he told me was that I had evidence of disc degeneration in my neck," Morgan said. In the past, cervical fusion was the surgery of choice, which worked well, but patients...

Source: WBAL-TV – Online

MAC Instructor Leads Fitness Class To 'Save The Girls'

October 27, 2014

...hearts. Tyanna Foundation was founded by Anne O'Brien and her four sisters 15 years ago in honor of their mother, Tyanna Barre O'Brien, who passed away from breast cancer at the age of 48. This entirely volunteer organization donates all proceeds from Baltimore events to the Hoffberger Breast Center at Mercy Hospital. Anne's four other sisters established Tyanna branches in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Georgia and South Carolina, where each has resided. In conjunction...

Source: Baltimore Sun – Online

What is Esophagitis? 6 Facts You Need to Know

October 21, 2014

...people are more at risk. Obese patients, for example, are more likely to experience esophageal inflammation. "Obesity contributes to reflux mainly from excess weight increasing intra-abdominal pressure, thus promoting reflux of stomach contents upward," says Richard Desi, MD, a gastroenterologist at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Smokers, too, are at risk, as tobacco relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter, making it easier for acid to escape upwards. The best way to diagnose...


Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore to Host PINKTOBER events to benefit The Tyanna Foundation

October 21, 2014

Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore is uniting fans, musicians and survivors in honor of the brand's 15th annual PINKTOBER® campaign! Throughout the month of October, Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore will host several events benefiting The Tyanna Foundation, a volunteer organization that has raised more than $1.2 million for the Hoffberger Breast Center at Mercy Medical Center and other worthy organizations

Source: Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants

It's Stomach Flu, Not Ebola, That Cruise Travelers Should Worry About

October 21, 2014

...membranes. And when you're at the buffet, make sure the hot food is actually hot and the cold food is actually cold. Lukewarm temperatures are breeding grounds for bugs, so let a crew member know if food is not kept at the proper level -- and avoid eating it. Michael Zimring, director of the Center for Wilderness and Travel Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, suggests avoiding buffet meals entirely -- or try being the first one there, when the food is fresh and...

Source: International Business Times

Diabetes Symptoms Mistaken As Signs Of Aging

October 20, 2014

...tired, but chalked it up as a part of getting older. "I had been tired and stuff like that but I still went to work," she said. She was surprised to learn it had nothing to do with aging. It had to do with diabetes and she didn't even know she had it. Mercy Medical Center endocrinologist Dr. Amber Taylor said what Williams experienced is pretty common. "Because they are non-specific things -- fatigue, feeling rundown, tired, blurred vision -- people can think that they're...

Source: WBAL-TV – Online

Helping Out in Health Emergencies: What You Need to Know About 4 Chronic Conditions

October 20, 2014 keeping blood sugar levels stable. Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar levels are too low, and it can happen when a person takes too much insulin or other diabetes medications, and doesn't eat enough to balance out that insulin infusion. According to Stephen Schenkel, MD, chair of the department of emergency medicine at Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, hypoglycemia is called "the great masquerader" because its varied symptoms can mimic those of many other maladies and include…


Resistant Starch: What it Is and How it Could Improve Your Health

October 18, 2014

...much and how often to eat them have not been agreed upon. Still, when planning what to put alongside your protein, consider replacing the mashed potatoes and stuffing with lentils or roasted yams. Alison Massey MS, RD, CDE, LDN, director of education at Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, reviewed this article. Sources Bodinham CL, Frost GS, Robertson MD. "Acute Ingestion of Resistant Starch Reduces Food Intake in Healthy Adults." British Journal of Nutrition 103 no. 6 (2010): 917-922....


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