About the Center - The Heart Center at Mercy

Mercy Medical Center

The doctors of The Heart Center at Mercy Medical Center specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease including coronary artery disease (CAD), heart attack and high blood pressure. Our highly skilled physicians take a comprehensive approach to treating cardiovascular disease, complemented by the patient-centered care philosophy that is central to the Mercy team.

Specialized Doctors in Heart Health

The Heart Center at Mercy is led by Cardiology Department Chief and Director of The Heart Center at Mercy, Dr. Mark Applefeld. Dr. Applefeld has assembled a specialized team of cardiologists including Dr. Tomas AyalaDr. Mark GoldsteinDr. David KimDr. Frank Morris, Dr. Peter Reyes and Dr. Robert Zawodny.  

The team combines years of experience and practice to diagnose and treat heart disease including, but not limited to, the following:

High Quality, Comprehensive Heart Testing

Successful cardiovascular treatment can only be achieved through accurate and consistent testing and evaluation. The doctors at The Heart Center at Mercy utilize a variety of physical examinations and tests to diagnose patients in order to properly treat conditions and diseases. These tests and diagnostic tools include:

Cardiac Care through Early Detection and Prevention

Heart disease and various cardiovascular conditions affect a large population of both men and women in the United States. In many cases, early detection can greatly improve chances for successful treatment. For this reason, cardiologists at The Heart Center at Mercy place high importance on the testing and evaluation of each patient.

In addition to early detection, prevention may be the single most important factor in limiting heart disease among patients. The cardiac specialists at The Heart Center at Mercy have a passion for keeping their patients heart healthy. They work with patients to develop prevention plans that help manage leading causes of heart disease, like smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity, aimed at limiting risk and improving heart health.

Convenient and Comfortable Service

The Heart Center at Mercy welcomes patients to enjoy comprehensive care in a comfortable and patient-friendly environment. The Center offers convenient service within several locations in the Baltimore region, including the flagship office on Mercy’s Campus in Downtown Baltimore, as well as additional locations in LuthervilleOverlea, Reisterstown and Glen Burnie.