Diagnostic Services Available at The Lung Center at Mercy

The Lung Center at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland provides patients suffering from a variety of lung disorders a comfortable and caring environment for health and healing. Our physicians diagnose disorders such as COPD, lung cancer and interstitial lung disease, utilizing Mercy’s advanced techniques and facilities, including the Diagnostic Sleep Laboratory and the Pulmonary Function Laboratory.

The Lung Center at Mercy Baltimore

Bronchoscopic Procedures

Bronchoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used to explore the trachea and large airways in the lungs for abnormalities.

The Lung Center at Mercy Baltimore

Diagnostic Sleep Laboratory

Mercy's Board Certified pulmonologists, led by Dr. Audrey Liu, offer testing and treatment for sleep disorders in our full-service diagnostic Sleep Center.

The Lung Center at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Mercy offers a Lung Cancer Screening Program in partnership with primary care physicians throughout the Baltimore area.

The Lung Center at Mercy

Pulmonary Function Laboratory

Our on-site pulmonary function laboratory assists Mercy’s lung doctors in performing pulmonary tests to help diagnose and manage a variety of lung disorders.