Our Center & Expertise – The Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery at Mercy - Baltimore

The surgeons at The Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery at Mercy in Baltimore, Maryland, provide minimally invasive surgical treatment options that can help reduce hospital stays, minimize surgical scarring and return patients more quickly to their everyday routines. Medical Director Dr. Thomas Swope and Dr. Nora Meenaghan are highly skilled surgeons who perform minimally invasive surgical procedures for many conditions including:

Minimally invasive surgery techniques are becoming more widespread options to traditional surgery. Many of the procedures require significant levels of training; our surgeons are experienced in advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery techniques and are committed to personalized care.

State-of-the-Art Robotic Surgery

High definition 3D cameras and controlled robotic surgical arms enable physicians to perform more precise surgical procedures than ever before using the robotic surgical system. Mercy’s advanced Bunting Center Operating Rooms include top quality, spacious surgical suites equipped with the latest technology.

With the aid of the state-of-the-art da Vinci robotic surgical system, Drs. Thomas Swope and Nora Meenaghan use advanced techniques for hernia repair, bowel resection, anti-reflux surgery and gallbladder removal. Dr. Swope has earned EpiCenter Status for his expertise in hernia repair, training surgeons in advanced robotic techniques. 

Minimally Invasive Surgery with a Healing Touch

Drs. Swope and Meenaghan provide advanced knowledge and leadership in minimally invasive surgical procedures, but their patients admire their personal dedication and compassionate concern for them as individuals. Their goal is to provide high quality care that minimizes hospital stays and allows patients to return to family and friends where healing can continue in the comfort of home.

Greater Baltimore Convenient Locations

The surgeons of The Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery at Mercy are available throughout greater Baltimore so you can make an appointment at a site that is convenient to you. Both surgeons are available on Mercy’s Downtown campus. Additionally, our doctors see patients at Mercy's Community Sites in Lutherville, Overlea and Glen Burnie