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The Neurology Center at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, includes highly skilled neurologists who use nerve conduction studies, also referred to as nerve conduction velocity (NCV), to diagnose damage to the peripheral nervous system or the areas of the nervous system outside the brain and spinal cord.

What is a Nerve Conduction Study?

A nerve conduction study is a procedure that measures how fast the nerves can send electrical signals. It is used to determine nerve damage. A nerve conduction study is an outpatient procedure that typically takes about 15 minutes to an hour. If many nerves and muscles are studied, it could take more than one hour.

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How is a Nerve Conduction Study performed?

A number of flat metal disc electrodes are attached to the skin. One electrode is placed on the skin over the nerve and another is placed over the muscles that manage the nerve. Another electrode sends mild electrical pulses to the nerve and the other electrode records it. 

The speed of the response is recorded and is referred to as the nerve conduction velocity. Most times an EMG (Electromyography) is performed along with the nerve conduction study. Patients may feel a fast, burning pain, a tingling sensation, as well as a spasm of the muscle each time the electric pulse.

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When is the Nerve Conduction Study the best option?

Neurologists perform the nerve conduction study to diagnose problems with the nerves. Several neurological conditions may be diagnosed performing a nerve conduction study:

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