About the Center - Minimally Invasive Brain and Spine Center

Neurology Center - Mercy, Baltimore

The Minimally Invasive Brain and Spine Center at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, led by Board Certified neurosurgeon Dr. Charles Park, offers state-of-the-art technologies and clinical expertise to provide advanced treatment options for complex neurosurgical injuries and conditions. 

Mercy is the top choice for many Marylanders who need the expertise of an experienced brain and spine surgeon. Dr. Park is committed to managing many types of neurosurgical conditions and providing exceptional, compassionate patient care. 

Expertise in Neurosurgery Conditions

Mercy's neurosurgeons have expertise in treating a variety of conditions affecting the brain, spine and peripheral nerve system including:

Innovative Technologies for Brain and Spine Surgery

Mercy's neurosurgeons perform minimally invasive surgical techniques for brain and spine conditions that may often reduce patient pain and recovery times. To do so, they implement innovative computer technologies and advanced image-guided surgery systems to assist in the removal of tumors, lesions, aneurysms and other abnormalities of the brain and spine. 

When possible, our neurosurgeons utilize the O-arm® Mobile Surgical Imaging System. The O-arm system benefits the patient by minimizing the patients radiation exposure and improving surgical precision. During the course of a surgical operation, the O-arm Surgical Imaging System forms a ring around the patient to provide the surgeon real-time 2-D moving x-rays and 3-D images of the body. The system can be opened and closed so the patient does not have to be moved and exposure to radiation can be minimized. In addition, the O-arm includes a navigational component that allows the surgeon to guide instruments through the body in real time, ensuring greater precision in the placement of hardware.

Our doctors apply experience and skill together with advanced medical technologies to offer the following procedures:

  • Brain Surgery - including Endoscopic Brain Surgery, Neurosurgery Imaging and Surgical Navigation 
  • Spine Surgery - including Endoscopic Discectomy, Spinal Fusion, Spinal Decompression, Kyphoplasty, Motion Preservation Surgery, Artificial Disc Replacement

Patient Care is a Top Priority

Our doctors are dedicated to learning the most advanced technologies that will better allow them to treat patients. With careful attention to clinical detail and a special concern for all patients, our doctors personalize treatment plans to meet the needs of their patients.

Dr. Park is fluent in English and Korean. His multi-lingual skills add yet another level of comfort for many patients. Our doctors recognize patients who may be diagnosed with a brain or spine injury already are dealing with many questions and concerns. Speaking to patients in their native language is one additional measure to assure communication is not a barrier to making the best decisions for their care.

Locations Throughout the Greater Baltimore Area

The Minimally Invasive Brain and Spine Center has offices around the Baltimore Beltway. Mercy's neurosurgeons are now accepting new patients at office locations in Downtown Baltimore, Lutherville, Overlea and Glen Burnie