Treatments Offered at The Urology Specialists of Maryland

The Urology Specialists of Maryland at Mercy in Baltimore, Maryland, provide diagnosis and treatment for a broad range of urologic conditions including prostate, bladder and kidney disease. Our experienced urologists offer patients comprehensive care and support in the comfortable atmosphere of Mercy Medical Canter. 

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Urology at Mercy - Baltimore

Bladder Slings - Male and Female

A bladder sling procedure is a surgical option that is offered to patients with urinary incontinence issues.

Radiation Oncology at Mercy


Brachytherapy is a radiation therapy treatment option for patients with prostate cancer.

Urology at Mercy - Baltimore


Patients with prostate cancer may be candidates for cryotherapy treatment.



Cystoscopy offered as a treatment option for patients with bladder and urinary tract conditions.

Urology at Mercy - Baltimore


Hydrocelectomy is a treatment option offered by our urology doctors for patients with hydrocele.

The Urology Center at Mercy


Mercy urologists treat patients with kidney disease using nephrectomy treatment option.

Urology Specialists of Maryland


Nephroureterectomy offered as a treatment option for patients with transitional cell cancer of the upper urinary tract.

Urology at Mercy - Baltimore

Non-Invasive Lithotripsy (Used to Break Up Kidney Stones)

Non-invasive lithotripsy used by Mercy's top urologists to break up kidney stones.

Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore, MD


Orchiectomy used to treat prostate cancer at Mercy Medical Center in downtown Baltimore.

Urology at Mercy - Baltimore

Penile Prosthesis

Penile prosthesis option available for men with erectile dysfunction.

Showing 1-10 of 14 Results

Meet Our Doctors: Urology Center
Urology at Mercy - Baltimore
Alan Kusakabe, M.D.

Dr. Alan Kusakabe offers comprehensive urologic care focusing on robotic surgery, with Firefly Imaging Technology, for prostate and renal disease. Board Certified urology specialist.

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Patient Story: Prostate Cancer
Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore

Hear from a patient who learned he had prostate cancer and had to make important decisions about his care.

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