Prostatectomy Offered at Mercy to Treat Prostate Cancer

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The Urology Specialists of Maryland at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, diagnose and treat a variety of conditions and diseases of the male reproductive organs. Our doctors offer prostatectomy, the removal of the prostate, as a treatment for conditions such as enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

What is a Prostatectomy?

Prostatectomy is surgery to remove the prostate. The prostate is part of a man’s reproductive system and is located around the tube that removes urine from the body (the urethra).  A prostatectomy is usually required because of an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

The Urology Specialists of Maryland specialize in robotic assisted minimally invasive surgery for patients who qualify. This procedure may result in faster recovery, smaller incisions, less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and the ability to quickly return to daily routines.

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Who should receive a Prostatectomy?

Patients suffering from an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer are candidates for a prostatectomy.

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Types of Prostatectomy procedures
  • A simple prostatectomy removes all or part of the prostate gland with an incision in the lower belly.  This surgery is usually chosen for an enlarged prostate.
  • A radical prostatectomy removes all of the prostate gland and tissue around it.  This surgery is usually chosen to treat prostate cancer.

The Urology Specialists of Maryland offer patients expertise in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery for prostatectomies.

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How is a Prostatectomy performed?

The type of surgical procedure depends on the condition being treated (prostate enlargement or prostate cancer). In both cases, the prostate gland is removed and in the case of cancer, surrounding tissue and some lymph nodes may also be removed. Our surgeons reattach the tube (urethra) to the bladder and may leave a drain in the abdomen to remove extra fluids after surgery. 

The doctors of The Urology Specialists of Maryland will help patients determine what type of prostatectomy is best suited for your conditions.

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