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The Vascular Center at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, is a comprehensive center specializing in circulatory system disorders. Our vascular surgeons offer patients a variety of advanced treatment procedures for conditions including aneurysms.

Repair and Treatment of Aneurysms

An aneurysm occurs when the walls of an artery weaken and bulge out. Aneurysms that go undetected can rupture and be life threatening, requiring emergency care right away. A ruptured aneurysm causes sudden and severe pain. You can also lose consciousness or go into shock depending on the amount of bleeding. Surgery is required to repair the blood vessel.

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Types of Aneurysms that require Vascular treatment:

The aneurysms that concern vascular surgeons are those in the abdomen (abdominal aneurysms), the chest area (thoracic aneurysms) and in the arteries that run down the legs and behind the knees (peripheral aneurysms). 

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How is Aneurysm Repair performed?

Aneurysm repair depends on the location and shape of the aneurysm and the patient’s overall medical condition. Doctors monitor small aneurysms and may ask the patient to return every 6 to 12 months for additional screening. Larger aneurysms usually require surgery. Surgical options are:

  • Traditional open surgical repair and grafting to replace the damaged blood vessel. This surgery usually requires a long incision to open the chest or abdomen for aneurysms in those areas.  A part of the aorta above and below the bulging blood vessel is clamped closed.  Man-made tubes are inserted into the artery and sewn to the aorta above and below the aneurysm replacing the weakened area.
  • An endovascular minimally invasive procedure using stent-graft tubes to reinforce the damaged part of the artery. This procedure is performed inside the aorta with long tubes (catheters). The surgeon inserts the catheters through small incisions in the groin, threading them through the blood vessels to deliver a stent-graft to the area of the aneurysm redirecting blood flow.
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Who should receive an Aneurysm Treatment or Repair?

Ideally, surgery for aneurysms can be planned. Once detected, aneurysms are monitored by vascular surgeons. Depending on the size and growth rate, treatment may vary from monitoring the aneurysm to surgery. If the aneurysm ruptures, emergency surgery is required.

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