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Our specialists at Radiation Oncology at Mercy use a variety of radiation therapy options to treat cancers including lymphoma, melanoma (skin cancer), breast cancer, abdominal cancers, prostate cancer, gynecologic cancers, and lung cancer.

Radiation Oncology at Mercy


Brachytherapy may be used by our radiation specialists as a treatment option for different types of cancer.

Radiation Oncology at Mercy - Baltimore

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is an innovative treatment option offered by our radiation oncologists for difficult to treat tumors.

Radiation Oncology at Mercy


TrueBeam is a new radiotherapy treatment option for the most challenging cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, abdominal cancer and head and neck cancer.

Meet Our Doctors: Radiation Oncology
Radiation Oncology at Mercy - Baltimore, MD
Maria Jacobs, M.D.

A 2020 TOP DOC
Dr. Maria Jacobs leads the Radiation Oncology team at Mercy Medical Center bringing passion, enthusiasm and a heart for caring to her patients.

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Patient Story:
Radiation Oncology at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

A patient shares her story and optimistic perspective while undergoing radiation treatment for skin cancer.

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