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Brachytherapy may be used as a treatment option for different types of cancer. It can be offered with other therapies and also after surgery in the case that some cancer cells were not removed. The cancer surgeons of Surgical Oncology at Mercy in Baltimore work in close collaboration with Mercy’s medical and radiation oncologists to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient.

What is Brachytherapy?

Brachytherapy is one of the advanced types of radiation therapy used to treat cancer. It is also known as internal radiation therapy as it involves placing radioactive material inside the body.

The procedure allows doctors to deliver higher doses of radiation in a more localized and precise manner as compared to external beam radiation. In addition, brachytherapy may have fewer side effects than external beam radiation and treatment may be shorter.

Brachytherapy may be offered alone or in conjunction with other treatment options. It is sometimes utilized in the case where some cancer cells are left behind after surgery.

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How is a Brachytherapy performed?

During brachytherapy, radioactive material is placed in the body near the cancer. Typically, the radioactive material is delivered by a sealed implant. Several factors may determine how brachytherapy is performed, including the type and location of the cancer. In some cases, radioactive material is inserted through an opening in the body cavity, such as the windpipe. In other cases, radioactive material is placed directly into body tissue using applicators, such as a needle.

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What are the advantages of Brachytherapy?

Brachytherapy allows doctors to deliver more radiation in a more precise manner compared to external beam radiation. This may reduce overall treatment times and may also cause fewer side effects than seen with external beam radiation treatment. 

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