Palliative Surgery Offered at Mercy in Baltimore

Palliative Surgery - Surgical Oncology at Mercy - Baltimore

The cancer surgeons of Surgical Oncology at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, treat cancer conditions and their symptoms with a variety of surgical procedures including palliative surgery. Our doctors work with patients to determine what treatment plans are right for their needs.

What is Palliative Surgery?

Palliative surgery is not a curative surgery.  Palliative surgery is performed in order to relieve symptoms and reduce pain in cases where the tumor has already spread extensively and is difficult to remove. It is also performed in cases where a patient is too ill or weak to tolerate more aggressive surgery. 

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How is Palliative Surgery performed?

Palliative surgery is generally performed laparoscopically, helping to make recovery time faster and reduce pain. 

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Who should receive Palliative Surgery?

Palliative surgery may be an option for cancer patients that experience unbearable symptoms such as pain, complications, or intestinal or bile duct obstructions.  

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Dr. Vadim Gushchin - Surgical Oncology at Mercy - Baltimore
Vadim Gushchin, M.D.

Dr. Vadim Gushchin, Director of Mercy's prestigious HIPEC Program, is among the region’s leading surgical oncologists, offering long-time expertise in the treatment of complex cancers. 

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