Balance Program Offered by Licensed Therapists in Baltimore

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The licensed physical therapists at The Center for Restorative Therapies at Mercy in Baltimore work with patients who experience balance problems due to various injuries or previous surgery. Our physical therapists coordinate with patients’ doctors to make sure the patients are receiving the best treatments available to correct balance problems.

What is the Balance Program?

Physical therapists evaluate each patient for their balance. An individualized treatment program is developed using exercise and activities that improve motion, strength and the ability to compensate for surface changes, residual deficits such as sensory loss or other external forces that can challenge a patient’s stability. The result of treating balance problems is improved mobility and function, decreased risk of falling and improved athletic performance.

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Who should be evaluated for the Balance Program?

Balance problems can occur at any age. Balance problems should be evaluated specifically when the balance problems are a result of:

  • Nerve or muscle injuries
  • Fractures
  • Surgery
  • General weakness
  • Sports injuries