Total Contact Casting for Patients With Foot Ulcers or Fractures

Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy - Baltimore

The Center for Restorative Therapies at Mercy in Baltimore offers total contact casting for patients with foot ulcers and fractures. 

What is Total Contact Casting?

Total contact casting is considered the gold standard for treatment of neuropathic plantar foot ulcers and neuropathic foot fractures. The total contact cast is a specially designed and padded short leg walking cast that promotes the healing of plantar foot ulcers or fractures while allowing most patients to continue to walk and function normally.

The total contact cast:

  • Reduces pressure over the wound site
  • Redistributes the weight bearing load
  • Decreases the spread of infection
  • Limits the stress on granulation tissue and skin edges
  • Protects the foot from further trauma

As swelling decreases microcirculation is improved.