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Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy - Baltimore

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery Performed at Mercy

If you've ever met someone who has had a bunion, you may have heard how painful they can become.

The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

Dr. Rebecca Cerrato Among First in U.S. to Perform New Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Rebecca Cerrato, Institute for Foot & Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy, among first surgeons in U.S. to perform procedure.

Meet Our Doctors: Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction
Dr. Clifford Jeng, Foot and Ankle Surgeon
Clifford Jeng, M.D.

A 2020 TOP DOC
Dr. Clifford Jeng leads a talented team of surgeons providing expertise in foot and ankle conditions and treatments.

Patient Story: Big Toe Arthritis (Hallux Rigidus)
Foot and Ankle Reconstruction - Baltimore

An active retiree embarks upon a second career but finds himself slowed down by arthritis in both feet. After surgery at Mercy he finds himself on the move once again.

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