Ankle Fusion (Ankle Arthrodesis) Offered by Mercy's Top Foot and Ankle Doctors


At The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, our top surgeons are among the best in performing innovative ankle surgeries, including ankle fusions. 

What is Ankle Fusion?

An ankle fusion, or ankle arthrodesis, is an operation that glues together or fuses the ankle joint. The ankle joint is responsible for more than 75 percent of the up and down movement of the ankle. With the ankle fused, no further upward movement is present but a limited amount of downward movement is possible. The in and out movement of the heel joint is not affected by an ankle fusion. 

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How is an Ankle Fusion performed?

An ankle fusion can be performed through two tiny incisions, referred to as the mini-arthrotomy procedure for ankle fusion. Three screws are routinely used for an ankle fusion. They are buried in the bone and do not need to be removed.

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Who should receive an Ankle Fusion?

An ankle fusion may be the best treatment option for certain patients with ankle arthritis that is not relieved with conservative options. Selected patients with previous ankle injuries also may benefit from an ankle fusion.

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When is an Ankle Fusion the best option?

An ankle fusion may be a good option for certain selected individuals who are not good candidates for a total ankle replacement. The success rate of ankle fusion is good provided techniques are used that use small incisions. Exercise is possible following an ankle fusion but very few running type activities, ball or racquet sports are going to be possible.

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