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Patients from the Baltimore and Mid Atlantic region seek the surgeons at The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy for their expertise in cartilage repair. Our foot and ankle surgeons are specialists in determining the best treatment options to repair cartilage damage. 

What is Cartilage Repair?

Cartilage can be damaged when an ankle injury occurs. The role of cartilage is to help with the smooth gliding of the bone joints. When the cartilage is damaged due to an ankle injury, the joints do not function properly which can cause pain and possibly the development of ankle arthritis. Repairing the cartilage helps the joint to function more normally.

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Types of Cartilage Repair procedures:

There are different approaches to cartilage repair. The most common approach to cartilage repair is to perform arthroscopy to trim the damaged cartilage or drill holes in the bone to develop scar tissue which acts like new cartilage. Advances in cartilage repair include using stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow or new cartilage materials.

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Who should receive Cartilage Repair ?

Patients who have experienced an ankle injury may be good candidates for cartilage repair. Ankle arthritis may develop if damaged cartilage is not repaired.

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