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At Orthopedics and Joint Replacement at Mercy, our team of orthopedic surgeons are among the top doctors in the area to perform revision hip surgery. Patients throughout Baltimore seek our team for their expertise in traditional hip replacement surgery as well as their advanced skills and leadership in revision hip surgery.

What is Revision Hip Surgery?

Revision hip surgery relieves hip pain from a previous hip surgery that has failed, or is no longer stable. Hip surgeries have a very high success rate; however, there are several reasons a revision surgery may be needed:

  • Recurrent dislocation of total hip replacement
  • Fracture of the bone surrounding the implant or of the implant itself
  • Infection
  • Loosening of the implant
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How is Revision Hip Surgery performed?

Revision hip surgery varies from patient-to-patient. A surgeon may need to replace components of the original hip prosthesis or replace the entire hip prosthesis.

During revision hip surgery, a surgeon will remove the diseased, broken or failed prosthesis through an incision on the hip.

If revision hip surgery is performed due to infection, a 2-stage surgery may be performed to deliver antibiotics to the infected area before replacing the prosthesis.

If revision hip surgery is performed due to a broken or loose prosthesis, a bone graft may be used to strengthen the bone around the new prosthesis.

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What are the benefits of Revision Hip Surgery?

The primary benefit of revision hip surgery is relief from pain. Many patients find they have improved mobility, coordination and strength following revision surgery. It is important to note, the rehabilitation process after surgery is extremely important to maintain the health of the hip prosthesis.

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When is Revision Hip Surgery the best option?

Patients who are younger when they receive their initial hip replacement may outlive their prosthesis and need a new one due to general wear. Patients with high activity levels might wear down the prosthesis faster and require revision surgery.

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