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At Orthopedics and Joint Replacement at Mercy, our team of orthopedic surgeons works with patients to develop the best treatment plan for their knee pain. Patients throughout Baltimore seek our surgeons for their expertise in traditional knee replacement surgery as well as their advanced skills and leadership in revision knee surgery.

About Revision Knee Surgery

A revision knee surgery is required when the existing knee prosthesis is no longer working properly or causing the patient pain. Reasons for revision knee surgery can include:

  • Infection around the prosthesis
  • Break of the prosthesis and/or bone surrounding the prosthesis
  • Device failure
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How is Revision Knee Surgery performed?

Your doctor will conduct a physical examination along with X-rays to determine the cause of the knee pain. The surgeon will then determine if partial or total revision is required.

During revision knee surgery, the surgeon will remove some or all of the existing knee prosthesis through an incision in the knee. The surgeon may provide antibiotics before and after surgery to decrease chance of an infection.

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When is Revision Knee Surgery the best option?

Knee replacement surgeries don’t often require revision. However, if a patient is experiencing pain, a revision surgery may be needed to replace a loose, broken, infected or worn prosthesis. Most patients who need revision surgery have an active lifestyle and have worn down the prosthesis, or the patient is younger and has outlived the prosthesis.

If a patient is experiencing pain due to infection, a surgeon may complete the revision in a 2-stage surgery, first treating the infection and then replacing the prosthesis.

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