Dupuytren’s Disease Treated by Mercy's Expert Doctors

The Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand Center at Mercy

At The Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand Center at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, orthopedic surgeons provide expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of hand conditions such as Dupuytren’s disease.  

About the Condition

Dupuytren’s disease is the thickening of the tissue directly under the skin in the palm and fingers. Dupuytren’s disease can cause pits, nodules and cords to develop. The fingers also may bend back, called Dupuytren’s contracture. Since not everyone experiences the contracture of the fingers, the term Dupuytren’s disease often is used instead of Dupuytren’s contracture.

The cause of Dupuytren’s disease is unknown. Risk factors for Dupuytren’s disease can include:

  • Being of Northern European ancestry
  • Having a family history
  • Being older and male
  • Having conditions such as diabetes and seizures
  • Consuming alcohol
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Symptoms & Diagnostic Process

Dupuytren’s disease symptoms include developing lumps, pits and thick cords in the palm. These symptoms can prevent the hand from straightening and flattening. 

Dupuytren’s disease can be diagnosed during a physical exam. Though Dupuytren’s disease develops slowly, measurements are taken of range of motion and the degree of contracture so the progression of the disease can be monitored. 

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Treatment Options

Monitoring the progression of Dupuytren’s disease is the first course of treatment. Non-surgical treatments may be conducted to enable the finger to straighten. When hand function becomes inhibited, surgery is performed to release the tissue and return motion.