Medical Patents of Dr. Charles Edwards

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Type: Medical Patents

Additional Information:

1. Edwards, C.C.: Spinal Rod-Sleeve fixation device and method, U.S. Patent #4,369,769, Government Printing Office: 1980-0-315-432, pg. 1-9, Jan. 1983.

2. Edwards, C.C.: The Anatomic-design spinal hook, U.S. Patent No. 4,567,884 issued Feb 4, 1986, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC.

3. Edwards, C.C.: The Sacral Fixation Device and Spinal Screw System, U.S. Pat. No. 4,569,338, issued Feb. 4, Wash., DC. French Patent No. FR 85-01838 issued June 13, 1988 (20 pgs) Institut National de la Properiete Industriale, Paris British Patent No. 2154296B sealed 2/10/88 (20 pgs) London

4. Edwards, C.C.: Spinal Compression/Distraction Hooks. United Kingdom Patent GB-2-131-300 (26 pgs) issued July 16, 1986, the Patent Office, London, England.

5. Edwards, C.C., Mears, D., Chapman, M.: Expanding dome (hip bolt) and rod connector for hip fixation, U.S. Patent 4,776,330, issued 1988, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. Also issued in Germany.

6. Bogart, Chapman, M., Edwards, C.C., Mears, D.: Ratcheting forceps with interchangeable jaws for fracture and plate manipulation. U.S. Patent 4,896,661. Issued 1990. Also issued in Spain and most European countries. Canadian Patent 1,302,827 issued June 9, 1992.

7. Edwards, C.C.: Adjustable pedicle connector permitting translational control of lumbar vertebrae. U.S. Patent pending.

8. Mears, D., Edwards, C.C., and Chapman, M.: A modular femoral fixation system. U.S. Patents 4,776,330 and 5,041,114 issued 1992. European Patent 91202411.4 issued 1991.

9. Chapman, M., Mears, D., Edwards, C.C.: Bone plates for use in modular fixation system. Canadian Patent 1,328,955 issued May 3, 1994, U.S. Patent 5,364,398.

10. Mears, D., Edwards, C.C., Chapman, M.: Digital buttress plate for use in femoral fixation. U.S. Patent 5,190,544 issued 1993, Canadian Patent 1,328,956 issued May 3, 1994 and most European countries.

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