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Dr Craig Vander Kolk

Dr. Craig Vander Kolk Discusses Correcting Lumpectomy Defects

Breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy is becoming more routine these days because breast conservation has become more sophisticated.

Mercy Breast Center

Dr. Jennifer Joh Addresses Triple Negative Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis can be complex. There are varying types of the disease. Dr. Jennifer Joh of Mercy's Breast Center discusses a rare type of breast cancer.

Dense Breast Tissue

Does Dense Breast Tissue Raise Cancer Risk?

Mercy breast surgeon Dr. Neil B. Friedman discusses breast density as a risk factor for breast cancer.

Mercy now offers intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer patients

Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) Breast Cancer Treatment

Dr. Gauri Bedi & Dr. Maria Jacobs of Mercy Medical Center discuss Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) as an innovative treatment for women with breast cancer.

Dr. Jean Warner - 3D Mammography

Tomosynthesis 3D Mammography Breast Cancer Screening

Mercy Medical Center's Dr. Jean Warner, Director of The Tyanna O'Brien Center for Women's Imaging at Mercy, discusses the new 3D mammography known as tomosynthesis.

The Breast Center at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

BRCA Gene Mutation and Cancer Risk

Breast surgeon Dr. Gauri Bedi explains how the BRCA gene mutation increases a women's risk for breast and ovarian cancers.

The Breast Center at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

Double Mastectomy

Expert breast surgeon Dr. Neil Friedman and his patient explain reasons breast cancer patients may opt for a double mastectomy.

Dr. Neil B. Rosenshein

Women's Cancer Issues Later In Life

Mercy Gynecologic Oncologist Dr. Neil B. Rosenshein addresses GYN-cancer issues patients face as they age.

Meet Our Doctors: Breast Center
The Breast Center at Mercy - Baltimore, MD
Neil Friedman, M.D.

A 2019 TOP DOC
Dr. Neil Friedman, Director of The Hoffberger Breast Center is one of the most respected breast cancer surgeons in the Baltimore area. He has focused his career on improving treatment options for women with breast cancer.

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Patient Story: Breast Cancer
Patient receives treatment at The Breast Center at Mercy

Shawnta was diagnosed with breast cancer as a healthy 38-year-old but lives to tell the story of her struggle.

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