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The Hoffberger Breast Center at Mercy in Baltimore offers comprehensive treatment for breast conditions and thorough evaluation of breast changes including breast lumps, breast pain, and breast cysts.

About the Condition

Breast cysts are fluid-filled structures in the breast that can be large, palpable (able to be felt in a physical exam) lumps or small non-palpable lumps that are seen through imaging studies.

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Symptoms & Diagnostic Process

Breast cyst symptoms can include:

  • An easily moveable lump with smooth edges, typically in only one breast
  • An increase in breast lump size just before your period
  • A decrease in breast lump size just after your period

Typically, an ultrasound test is used to distinguish a lump from a cyst. Most breast cysts are benign and are filled with fluid or fluid with debris. 

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Treatment Options

Women should not assume that a newly developed lump is a cyst. If a new lump lasts longer than two to three menstrual cycles with no decrease in size, it is recommended that you see your doctor.

There are two reasons to aspirate (drain) a breast cyst:

  • The breast cyst causes pain or discomfort. Aspirating the cyst can provide long-lasting symptom relief. However, aspirating the cyst does not completely remove the cyst, only the fluid inside the cyst is removed.

It is not clear that the breast cyst is benign.  A cyst can be a “complex cyst”, which means that there may be debris in the cyst. If there is debris in the cyst, your physician will aspirate the cyst in order to determine its malignancy.

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