Helping Hands (Wig Program)

Women's Health Boutique Mercy Breast Center

Helping Hands is a community-supported program, offering beauty enhancement services for Mercy’s chemotherapy patients. For more information please call 410-332-9229.

Fittings for Head Coverings

Patients can call 410-332-9229 to make an appointment to be fitted for newly purchased wigs, scarves and turbans. These services are offered free of charge.

Monthly Beauty Sessions

A beauty session, Look Good—Feel Better, is presented once per month for our chemotherapy patients. A professional cosmetician works with patients to give tips on the application of cosmetics. After the session patients may take home the cosmetics.

There is no charge for the session or the cosmetics. Our goal is to help ease the anxiety caused by the patient’s medical treatments.

Helping Hands is operated through the department of Volunteer Services at Mercy and supported by the Mildred Mindell Cancer Foundation, Inc. Monetary donations are welcome to support this much needed program. Helping Hands accepts your tax-deductible donations. Checks can be made out to Helping Hands and sent directly to Mercy Medical Center, 345 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. All donations go directly into the Helping Hands account and no administrative fee is charged.

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