Lymphedema Care

Mercy Medical Center

The team of The Hoffberger Breast Center works in close collaboration with Mercy’s Center for Restorative Therapies to help breast cancer patients manage lymphedema, a commonly occurring condition following breast cancer treatment.

Lymphedema is the abnormal accumulation of a protein-rich fluid that can cause swelling in the affected region of the body. It is easier to treat in early stages, which is why our team takes a proactive approach to the prevention of lymphedema after cancer treatment.

The Center for Restorative Therapies offers a comprehensive lymphedema treatment program which includes:

  • Experienced, licensed therapists with advanced training
  • Private therapy rooms for patients with lymphedema
  • Comprehensive patient education, beginning in the patient’s pre-operative stage
  • Pre-operative evaluation to obtain baseline measurements
  • Intensive treatment for chronic lymphedema, including specialized massage techniques, compression bandaging and targeted exercises