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How do I get to The Breast Reconstruction and Restoration Center and where should I park?

The Breast Reconstruction and Restoration Center is located on Mercy’s Downtown Baltimore campus on the 6th Floor of The Weinberg Center.

When coming to Mercy we recommend that patients park in The Weinberg Garage.

Some of our doctors also see patients at additional office locations around the Baltimore Metropolitan area. Additional office locations are listed by doctor.

Do I need a referral from my primary care doctor before being seen?

This depends on your insurance coverage. Please call our office and someone should be able to answer that question, 410-332-9700.

Is breast reconstruction covered by insurance?

YES. Federal law now protects a woman’s right to breast reconstruction, as well as any procedures necessary for the restoration of symmetry between the two breasts. We accept most insurances.

How qualified are Drs. Chang and Collins to perform my surgery?

Dr. Chang is widely recognized as a regional expert in all types of surgery of the breast and has been featured in Good Housekeeping magazine and named one of Maryland's Top Plastic Surgeons by Baltimore magazine. He was one of the first surgeons Maryland to perform intricate “free-flap" breast reconstruction.

Dr. Collins is fellowship trained in perforator flap breast reconstruction as well as a wide array of cosmetic procedures. He has an outstanding reputation for offering patients compassionate care and superb clinical skills. He received his medical and surgical training at the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Are before and after pictures available from the breast surgeries performed by Drs. Chang and Collins?

Yes, before and after pictures of many of our breast reconstruction and breast restoration surgeries are available online.

I have been told that I am not a candidate for breast reconstruction using abdominal tissue due to abdominal scars. Does this mean I am not a candidate for diep flap?

NO. Because DIEP flap breast reconstruction does not depend on the abdominal muscle for its blood supply (as is the case with the TRAM), it is often available for reconstruction in patients with abdominal scars. Heavier patients are also often told they are not candidates for reconstruction using their abdominal tissues. In our experience, excellent results may be achieved in these patients with the DIEP flap as well. The most common contraindication to the DIEP flap is the lack of tissue in the lower abdomen.

What makes diep flap the "state-of-the-art" in breast reconstruction?

DIEP flap breast reconstruction allows reconstruction of the breast using tissue that is very similar in composition (and therefore appearance and feel) to the natural breast. Because only the skin and fat of the abdomen are removed, and the abdominal musculature left in place, abdominal complications often seen with TRAM flaps are not seen with the DIEP flap. The end result is a natural looking, natural feeling breast and an improved abdominal contour, with normal abdominal strength.

Can I coordinate my appointments with doctors of The Weinberg Center for Women's Health & Medicine?

Yes, the staff of the Centers within The Weinberg Center for Women’s Health & Medicine works very hard to coordinate appointments for you. Please allow as much advance time as possible when coordination is important.

Please call 410-332-9700 to make an appointment.

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