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The plastic surgeons of The Breast Reconstruction and Restoration Center at Mercy, are among the best Baltimore plastic surgeons to perform breast surgery revisions and adjustments. Patients who previously had breast reconstruction following mastectomy may need revisions to restore breast symmetry and balance or to create a natural-looking nipple. Our doctors work with women to select the best treatment option for breast revisions.

What is autologous fat grafting for Breast Reconstruction Revisions?

Autologous fat grafting is a procedure for soft tissue augmentation in the reconstructed breast. Used for making revisions to a reconstructed breast that needs additional contouring, fat grafting is a simple and safe treatment option. Fat, which is removed from the abdomen or flanks, is used to augment or refine the shape of the breast.

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Breast Reconstruction Revisions to Restore Breast Shape and Symmetry

Typically, 8 to 12 weeks after the initial breast reconstruction, revisions or shaping of the breast reconstruction are performed and include any additional procedures necessary to restore symmetry to the breasts. The timing of the breast revision surgery is determined in consultation with both the patient’s breast surgeon and breast reconstruction surgeon with consideration to the patient’s progress and recovery. Often a symmetry procedure, such as a breast lift or a breast reduction, is required for balance.

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Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction occurs once the reconstructed breast is completely healed so that placement of the nipple is natural looking. During nipple reconstruction, which is performed in the breast reconstruction surgeon’s office, the patient is awake and is given a local anesthesia to numb the areas involved. Patients can drive to and from the office unless they feel anxious and would like to take a medication before the procedure. Since there are a variety of ways to accomplish nipple reconstruction, our doctors will explain the procedure completely and answer any questions at the pre-operative appointment.

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Nipple Tattoo

A nipple tattoo is the final step of the breast reconstruction process. A nipple tattoo adds a natural-looking colored areola to the reconstructed breast and is performed under local anesthesia in the breast reconstruction surgeon’s office.

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