Traditional Open Surgery at Mercy Medical Center

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The Gynecology Center at Mercy Medical Center, serving women across the state of Maryland, provides patients comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic conditions and disorders. Our gynecologists are experienced and skilled in a variety of treatments and surgical solutions for women, including traditional open surgery.

What is Traditional Open Surgery?

Traditional Open Surgery remains one of the many surgical options available to women who are facing surgery due to reproductive or genital tract complications. Traditional Open Surgery is an accepted and effective option. Traditional Open Surgery may be used for women diagnosed with complicated cases or in situations when a patient may be having multiple abdominal procedures performed during the course of a single surgery.

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How is Traditional Open Surgery performed?

Traditional Open Surgery for procedures on a woman’s reproductive organs is performed in an Operating Room while the patient is under anesthesia. An incision (cut) is made into the abdomen to give the surgeon access to the uterus and other surrounding organs. Following the surgical procedure the incision is closed and the patient begins the healing process in one of Mercy’s Recovery Suites.

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Who should receive Traditional Open Surgery?

Most women who are eligible for surgery are candidates for Traditional Open Surgery. Together, our doctors and patients evaluate the available surgical options so that our patients are able to make informed and educated decisions about their health care.

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