COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

Mercy Baltimore

During these difficult and unprecedented times, Mercy’s healthcare workers and staff are on the front lines, around the clock, caring for patients affected by COVID-19. From the outset of the crisis, Mercy has been thinking ahead to ensure our front line workers and patients are equipped with everything they need to remain safe and that the hospital’s physical plant is sufficient to provide for all patients requiring our services in the weeks and months ahead.

The Mercy Health Services COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund was created to offset the tremendous expenditures and financial strain associated with navigating, managing, and eventually recovering from this crisis. With operating costs skyrocketing, Mercy, like most hospitals, finds itself with an increased need for COVID-19 testing kits, respirators and ventilators, protective equipment, laboratory and infection control services, and additional staffing. In addition, and in response to Governor Larry Hogan’s March request for state hospitals to increase bed capacity, Mercy is in the closing stages of building a new 32-bed acute/critical care unit, to be located on the 17th floor of The Mary Catherine Bunting Center. The unit is being worked on around the clock and will be ready to accept COVID-19 patients on June 1st.

Please consider making a gift to Mercy Health Services’ COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund in support of our ongoing efforts to keep our front line staff and patients safe, and to ensure that we have the capacity to provide services to all those needing our care. Thank you.

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