Transportation Support for Cancer Patients

Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore, MD

For just a moment, consider what it feels like to be a cancer patient with an ongoing need for medical care that cannot be paused, despite the COVID-19 health pandemic. These patients are facing great challenges, and for some, the ability to get to and from Mercy Medical Center, safely, for lifesaving treatment is among the greatest.

Mercy has had a program in place for years to support patients who face transportation barriers. As needed, we cover the costs associated with cab or Uber rides. It’s the right thing to do. However, COVID-19 has created a surge in the number of cancer patients requesting our support. As the pandemic continues, Mercy continues to limit the number visitors coming into the hospital for safety reasons, and at the same time, public transportation resources are limited, and may not be the safest option for patients facing cancer.

Our available resources are being quickly exhausted. Please consider making a donation so that Mercy can continue offering this invaluable service to cancer patients who are experiencing a wide range of emotions and challenges, intensified by the onset of COVID-19. Stress and worry about transportation should not be one of them.

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