Meet Our Donors

If you ask ten different people why they choose to donate to Mercy Medical Center, you’ll hear ten different perspectives about how and why the hospital makes a positive, life changing difference. The reasons why people give to Mercy are diverse and plentiful.

Some simply want to give back, as a way of expressing gratitude for the excellent care they or their loved one received. Some want to honor a physician, nurse or other staff member that went above and beyond to help them during their most critical time of need. Others want to support Mercy based on its long-standing presence and commitment to the people of Baltimore City. Still more want to support the hospital’s goals and continued investments in the future. And, some simply see the good that is happening at Mercy Medical Center every single day, and want to be part of it.

Every donor’s story is unique. We hope you will find their perspectives as inspirational and uplifting as we do. We are extremely grateful for our donors and the commitments they make to Mercy Medical Center.

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