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Ebert Charitable Foundation Gifts $50,000 to Mercy’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

Donation to fund additional personal protective equipment for those working on the front lines

Like many people, Cathy Ebert has been watching the COVID-19 crisis unfold from the safety of her own home, tuning in to local and national news reports each day for updates. But she also has another, more personal source for information; her son-in-law, Rob Lyles, works as a business strategist at Mercy Medical Center, and has shared a lot of perspective on what is happening on the front lines at the hospital.

Doctors, nurses, and other clinical providers are working tirelessly every day, risking their own health and safety to continue providing the very highest quality of care for their patients.

“In talking with Rob, it was very clear that the hospital needs more personal protective equipment for its staff, and that those needs will continue to rise in the weeks and months to come,” said Ebert. “I want everyone to be safe. So, I started to put some thought into what I personally could do, to help.”

And then she had an idea. The Ebert Charitable Foundation was established by her family to provide philanthropic support to other families as well as healthcare and educational organizations. Its mission aligned perfectly in consideration of Mercy Medical’s Center’s most urgent needs. Ebert decided to donate generously to Mercy Medical Center’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund, as a way of supporting the hospital as it navigates, manages, and eventually recovers from COVID-19. Mercy is expediting construction of a new acute/critical care unit, to open in early June, which will increase its capacity to care for more patients diagnosed with the coronavirus. But Ebert’s top priority, and reason for donating, was to help assure clinical providers have the personal protective equipment and supplies they need, to do their jobs safely.

“My heart goes out to the doctors and nurses who are taking care of patients every single day,” said Ebert. “They are taking risks every day when they go into work, showing remarkable dedication and courage. This donation from the Ebert Charitable Foundation is a way of saying thank you, supporting them, and showing we care.”

The donation of $50,000 to Mercy Medical Center’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund will go a long way in helping the hospital manage the impact of COVID-19, while keeping staff and patient safety at the top of the organization’s priority list. Ebert’s hope is that her story will inspire both individuals and foundations in the community, who are able, to follow in her footsteps.

“I hope people understand that these needs exist right now, and that every dollar that every donor out there can give, will help,” said Cathy. “Mercy has been serving the people of Baltimore for many, many years. The hospital needs support back from the community it’s always been there for, now. I hope that others will read my story, be motivated to help, and donate to the hospital, too.”

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