Dorsey Mills and Jim Harris

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Cancer Survivors Give Back by Supporting Mercy’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

First-time donors stress that the time to support Mercy is NOW

Dorsey Mills and her husband Jim Harris would be the first to tell you that the doctors, nurses, and other clinical providers who are part of Mercy Medical Center, are top notch. They can speak from personal experience since both were diagnosed with cancer in the past three years, both were treated at Mercy, and both are grateful to be in remission, today. Mills is a breast cancer survivor. Harris is a Hodgkin lymphoma survivor. Together, the couple decided to give back to Mercy in a special way, recently donating money to the hospital’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund.

“We know how stressful it is to go through a cancer diagnosis and treatment, without a global health pandemic in the mix,” said Harris. “The pressure this adds for staff, and the stress it creates for patients who are already going through so much, is hard to imagine. Dorsey and I wanted to do our part to help.”

Making a donation to Mercy during a time of such critical need simply made sense for the couple. Their hope is that their financial contribution will help ensure those working on the front lines will have sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) to do their jobs safely and efficiently in the weeks and months to come. They were also inspired by Mercy’s willingness to act quickly, putting the wheels in motion to expedite construction of a new acute/critical care unit to increase patient capacity, in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The stakes are so high right now,” said Mills. “It is clear that Mercy is stepping up to take care of people in our community who are impacted by this virus, and they need support. This is our way of helping, while also expressing our appreciation for the great, compassionate care both Jim and I received when we were patients at Mercy.”

Mills explained that the decision she and her husband made to contribute their first donation to Mercy was an emotional one, driven by their newfound understanding that some things in life really do come with urgency, and should not be put off to a later day. It’s a valuable life lesson they learned through their experiences as cancer patients. In fact, the couple recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary. They tied the knot at the beginning of Harris’ treatment, and shared their wedding cake with the nurses at Mercy, a few days later.

“This virus is impacting our community and our friends at Mercy, now,” said Mills. “The people on the front lines are there, working so hard to save lives, every day. The time to step up and support them is now, not later. It’s why we acted quickly, and it’s why we are hoping others in the community will do the same.”

Harris couldn’t agree with his wife more.

“Mercy was there for the two of us when we needed them the most,” he said. “Now it’s time for all of us to be there for them in their moment of need.”


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