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Mercy Medical Center was founded in 1874 by six Sisters of Mercy as an independent, community, Catholic hospital. In the nearly 150 years that have passed since that time, while maintaining our focus on the community, we have also positioned ourselves as a reputable, multi-disciplinary specialty hospital.

Equally important, as many local hospitals have relocated, merged, or closed, Mercy has remained independent, and steadfast in its founding principles and commitment to serve the citizens of Baltimore. Through delivering the latest, most innovative medical care and services, the organization has managed to grow and thrive at its flagship location in the heart of Baltimore City, as well as across our community hub locations. Committed to delivering the best that Mercy has to offer in areas beyond Baltimore City, we have positioned primary care and specialty physicians in community practices to best serve our patients.  

And, the best is yet to come.

We are investing in people and providers, state-of-the-art facilities, innovative technologies, and dynamic programs and services, all dedicated to meeting the needs of every single patient who walks through our doors. When you give to Mercy, you are playing a key role in helping us make these critically important investments.

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