Mercy's Dr. Alan Oshinsky Discusses Sinuplasty For Sinusitis Sufferers on WBAL-TV11's "Woman's Doctor"

February 28, 2011
Dr. Alan Oshinsky

Dr. Alan Oshinsky

Doctors are using a new, less invasive treatment to help people with chronic sinusitis.

Sinusitis is a condition where the sinus cavities become inflamed and, often times, infected.

According to Mercy Medical Center otolaryngologist Dr. Alan Oshinsky, chronic headaches, nasal congestion and lots of pressure around the nose and face are typical symptoms.

Part of the problem is a narrow opening between the nose and the sinus.

"For many patients, what we can do is balloon sinuplasty. It's all about opening up the openings. You can open the passage from the sinus into the nose," Dr. Oshinsky said.

During the procedure, a wire with a tiny light on the end is passed up into the sinus, lighting up the forehead so doctors know they're inside the sinus. A small balloon on the wire is then inflated, remodeling the bone to make a wider opening.

The balloon is then deflated and the wire is removed.

Dr. Oshinsky noted that physicians find the newer procedure to be just as effective as other treatments, but it's shorter and there's less bleeding and discomfort.

Dan Collins - Senior Director of Media Relations at Mercy Medical Center

Dan Collins, Senior Director of Media Relations

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