Mercy's Dr. Dwight Im Discusses His "Imsway" Approach For Treating Ovarian Remnant Syndrome

June 11, 2012
Mercy?s Dr. Dwight Im with the da Vinci robot for gynecologic pelvic surgery

Mercy's Dr. Dwight Im with the da Vinci robot for gynecologic pelvic surgery

Sometimes, a woman has her ovaries removed only to find out the surgery didn't remove all of the tissue, which can cause some serious complications, including ovarian remnant syndrome.

"They can become a major problem in terms of pain and bloating. Small pieces of ovarian tissue is left behind and it grows back, and sometimes, into a big mass the size of an orange or even a grapefruit," said gynecologic oncologist Dr. Dwight Im, Director of the Gynecologic Oncology Center at Mercy.

According to Dr. Im, further surgery is the only way to correct ovarian remnant syndrome. He uses a robotic surgical alternative he calls "IMSWAY."

“IMSWAY is a robotic surgical alternative to traditional open and laparoscopic surgical approaches for addressing all manner of serious gynecologic conditions, including but not exclusive to, retroperitoneal hysterectomy, the removal of large fibroids, removal of severe endometriosis, surgical treatment of ovarian remnant syndrome, and other maladies involving the uterus.

“IMSWAY involves these elements: entering the retroperitoneal space using the infundibulopelvic ligament; the medial leaf of the peritoneum; skeletonization of the ureter, water under the bridge, arriving at the origin of the uterine artery – IMSWA,” Dr. Im explained.

Dr. Im demonstrated how he uses "the robot as a tool to enter the retroperitoneal space, identify all the vital organs, big blood vessels and veins, and remove the ovarian remnants without injuring those vital organs."

Women who have ovarian remnant syndrome will not have the usual post-menopausal symptoms associated with having their ovaries removed, like night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia and depression.




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