Pain Management Specialist Dr. David Maine Discusses New Moms And Back Pain

February 25, 2014
Dr. Maine

Dr. David Maine, Director, The Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy

Being a mother is a physically demanding, full-time job—the lifting, twisting and bending that comes with caring for small children is not only tiring, but can hurt your back. What can new moms do to avoid back pain and injury?

Rachel Siegal is a busy mother of three. During Rachel’s pregnancy with her youngest, Mei, caring for her two other children took a huge toll on her back.

“I never had pain like this before and it was really debilitating. Couldn’t pick my kids up, couldn’t sweep the floor, or walk down a grocery store aisle. It was really limiting,” she said.

The culprit? A herniated disc in Rachel’s spine.

According to Mercy pain management specialist Dr. David Maine, Director, The Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy, “Being a mother is hard enough—you’re bending, lifting, tucking, and all these repetitive maneuvers can strain your back,” he said.

Dr. Maine noted that to help avoid back pain and injury,

  • Lift the child using your knees and avoid bending over
  • When nursing, don’t lean in, but bring the baby to you
  • Slide in to put your child in a car seat instead of bending over
  • Exercise to strengthen abdominal and back muscles

“And if it doesn’t feel right, take a pause, step back—if you need to use heat or anti-inflammatory medication, jump on those things early and don’t’ let them get out of hand,” Dr. Maine said.

Rachel’s herniated disc was treated successfully without surgery and she’s back to being a full-time mom again.

“I feel about 95% better. I did receive some cortisone shots and began a stretching regimen, and that really, really helped,” she said.

View Dr. David Maine’s interview with WBAL-TV11 about new moms and back pain.

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