Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?

Mercy Endocrinologist And Weight Management Expert Dr. Supneet Saluja Discusses Role Probiotics May Play In Weight Loss

May 14, 2014
DR. Supneet Saluja - Mercy Medical Center

Dr. Supneet Saluja, a weight management expert at Mercy, talks about whether probiotics can help you lose weight.

New research shows that adding probiotics to your diet may make a difference for people trying to lose some weight. The study, published in the magazine, Science, suggests that adding probiotics, such as certain kinds of yogurt, to a healthy diet can help accelerate weight loss.

"I did take a look at that study, and what it basically showed was that probiotics alter the bacteria in your system, and that affects how you metabolize food -- how much you absorb -- and that impacts your caloric intake and weight loss," said Dr. Supneet Saluja of The Endocrinology Center. "The key is a healthy diet. Adding probiotics to an unhealthy diet is not going to have the same weight-loss effect."

Dr. Saluja warned that people will still have to watch their calories.

"Low-fat yogurt, which does not have extra syrup or fruit in it, is a good way to go. You have to remember, everything healthy still has calories," she said.

According to Thelma Blackston, she lost about 60 pounds by eating the right things.

"I started eating a lot of fruits, a lot of vegetables, a lot of protein," she said.

Blackston likes the idea of adding probiotics to her diet to help her reach her weight-loss goal.

"I started out trying to lose 83 pounds. I've got 23 more to go -- that's where I am. When we get there, I might try to drop a little bit more," she said.

View Dr. Saluja’s interview about probiotics, diet and weight loss.

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