Mercy Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Rebecca Cerrato Discusses Ankle Replacement Surgery For Treating Severe Ankle Arthritis

October 14, 2014
Dr. Rebecca Cerrato - Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy - Baltimore

As baby boomers age, the amount of joint replacement surgeries they get has grown in number, and a total ankle replacement has become a promising option to eliminate the pain.

For those with severe arthritis of the ankle, where the joint is pretty much bone on bone, the pain can be miserable.

For many years, Peg Trimboli has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis, especially in her left ankle.

"The pain would get so bad -- even with medication -- that just placing my foot on the ground would cause excruciating pain, and I'd have to stop and sit and rest," Trimboli said.

According to Mercy orthopedic surgeon Dr. Rebecca Cerrato of Mercy’s Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction, patients like Trimboli have end-stage or very advanced arthritis in their ankles, making them good candidates for total ankle replacement surgery to relieve their pain.

"The surgery itself takes anywhere from an hour-and-a-half to about two hours to perform," Cerrato said. "I tell my patients that, typically after an ankle replacement like this, it can take up to a year to be fully rehabbed, feel less swelling and less stiffness, and really feel like they've gotten the full benefits."

It's been a year since Trimboli had total ankle replacement surgery on her left foot. Her bone-on-bone ankle joint was replaced with a metal and plastic implant.

"I usually tell my patients when we're going over whether or not to consider an ankle replacement that that is a risk; that over time we may need to do another type of procedure if the implant were to start to wear, but currently we think you've got a good 85 percent to 90 percent chance of still enjoying this ankle replacement 10 years from now," Dr. Cerrato said.

"The outcome has been wonderful. I have no pain in my ankle. I'm able to continue my job in which I need to do a lot of walking," Trimboli said. "In two words, I guess I'm a satisfied customer."

View Mercy foot-and-ankle expert and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Rebecca Cerrato’s interview with WBAL-TV11 regarding ankle replacement surgery.

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