Mercy Family Medicine Expert Dr. Kathryn Boling Discusses the Role of Multi-vitamins in Good Health

April 20, 2015
Lutherville Personal Physicians

Have you ever wondered if taking a multivitamin is actually doing you any good?

It's been a longtime debate in the medical community and now there's scientific research that seems to answer the question.

If you take a multivitamin, good for you. A new study shows you are indeed helping your health.

"You may boost your immune system. You may feel better," said family medicine physician Dr. Kathryn Boling of Lutherville Personal Physicians.

According to Dr. Boling, she has always advised her patients to take vitamins to bridge the nutritional gap in a typical diet.

Betsy Boyd started taking prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant with twin boys and still takes them.

"I feel better. I haven't gotten sick in so long since I've been taking the prenatal. I don't know if that's why, but I do feel very healthy," Boyd said.

According to a study published in the Journal Postgraduate Medicine in January, not only do vitamins improve your overall health, they may even prevent diseases like cancer.

The study followed men. It showed taking multivitamins lowered the risk of cancer by 27 percent among men with a history of cancer, and by 8 percent among men with no history of the disease.

"So it's very possible as research goes forward we'll find out that there are more benefits of vitamin supplementation than we thought in the past," Dr. Boling said.

A patient’s age and medical condition can play a role in which vitamins you may need most, so ask your doctor. Dr. Boling noted that when it comes to vitamins, more is not necessarily better. 

“Don’t over do it. Take the recommended amount, as there can be too much of a good thing,”  she said.

View Dr. Boling’s interview regarding multi-vitamins.

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