Mercy’s Dr. Dwight Im Performs GYN-Surgery With New da Vinci Robot

April 18, 2016
Robotic Surgery at Mercy - Baltimore

The new da Vinci Xi Robot promises a less complicated surgery and an even better patient recovery for specific GYN surgeries.

Tracy Tamaris is familiar with this advancement. The mother of four, a tax preparer and real estate agent was extremely upset when she found out she needed a total hysterectomy.

"For a woman, it's difficult as it is, but for a single mom, it's even harder that I have my own business, to be down," Tamaris said.

But just a few weeks ago, Tamaris' doctor, Mercy gynecologic oncologist Dr. Dwight Im, performed Tamaris' hysterectomy using the da Vinci XI robot, an improved version of the da Vinci robotic system. Dr. Im is medical director of The Neil B. Rosenshein, M.D., Institute for Gynecologic Care at Mercy, The Gynecologic Oncology Center at Mercy and The National Institute of Robotic Surgery at Mercy in Baltimore.

"You can see things that you never saw before," Dr. Im said. "Well, how does it help the patient? That means more precise surgery, less bleeding. Because it is more precise, the patient will get a better surgery, and they recover more quickly."

Tamaris' surgery was done with just one small incision in her belly button, a task that is easier now with the XI's thinner robotic arms.

"But now that the arms are thinner, they can move more easily, it gives the surgeon a wider field of view, a wider range of motion," Dr. Im said.

Currently, the da Vinci XI is FDA-approved for hysterectomies and the removal of benign ovaries and it can be used for most patients.

Tamaris said she was surprised she was back to work in five days.

"I feel much better," she said. "Even with the recovery process, after having the hysterectomy I physically feel better, less pain. The recovery was pretty easy."  

View Dr. Dwight Im’s interview regarding gyn-surgery using the da Vinci Xi robot.

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