Mercy’s Dr. Kathryn Boling Discusses Risk Factors for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

January 4, 2016
Lutherville Personal Physicians

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) occurs in about a million people in the United States each year. Doctors warn that it can be fatal, so they encourage patients to know the signs.

JoAnn Larrimore agrees as she is one woman who said she is fortunate to be here to share her story.

Larrimore said it was on a car ride to an annual family trip to the beach that her dream vacation nearly turned into a nightmare.

"I realized in the car, I was having terrible cramps in my right leg," Larrimore said.

Larrimore ignored the cramps, even when it got worse. When she finally went to the hospital, where she received some surprising news.

"They came back and said, 'You have a blood clot in your lung,'" she said. "It can be very serious. It can even kill you."

It was deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Larrimore said she is now working with her primary care physician to recover.

"The real danger for DVT is that it can break off and go through the heart or even into the lung," explained Mercy’s Dr. Kathryn Boling of Lutherville Personal Physicians. "That can be fatal it can be so serious."

Genetics can play a factor in DVT, but there are other factors that can put you at risk, too. This could include taking hormone replacements and birth control. Other risk factors include smoking cigarettes and going on a long flight.

Larrimore said this experience has taught her to pay attention to what her body is trying to tell her. She said she feels fortunate.

View Mercy’s Dr. Kathryn Boling’s insights regarding deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

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