Mercy’s Dr. Supneet Saluja Discusses New Drug Combination to Better Treat Type 2 Diabetes

July 12, 2016
Endocrinology Center- Bone Health, Thyroid, Diabetes Treatment - Baltimore

Patients with Type 2 diabetes often use combination or combo drugs to manage their disease, and these medications help cut down on the amount of pills patients need to take, but now some combo drugs offer an even better option, which is a single pill a day.

Thelma Blackston has managed her Type 2 diabetes for years, taking medication at specific times each day.

"It's a hassle. In the morning, trying to get up and take that, along with the vitamins and the other pills, and putting it together. Then at bedtime, you got to remember to take your pills," Blackston said.

But that's about to change soon. Thelma will take an often-prescribed combination drug containing her diabetes medications metformin and linagliptin in a new extended-release pill just approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

"It's very convenient if two of those medications are together in one pill form. Not only does it reduce the patient's copay, but it decreases the number of times they have to remember to take their medicine, so it decreases the pill burden," said diabetes expert Dr. Supneet Saluja of The Endocrinology Center at Mercy.

According to Dr. Saluja, patients only have to take this extended-release combo drug once a day, and since it contains metformin there's another advantage.

"(Metformin) if you take it in the regular form has a lot of gastrointestinal side effects; can cause diarrhea, just makes the patient feel bad, so if it is taken in an extended-release form, it has less of those side effects," Saluja said.

That's just what Blackston has been waiting for.

"The thought of less pills, that's even great because I got a vacation coming up and don't want to have to pack too many more pills," Blackston said.

View Dr. Saluja’s interview about combination drug therapy for Type 2 diabetes.

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