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Lutherville Personal Physicians

Treating Atrial Fibrillation in Women

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that as many as 6 million Americans have atrial fibrillation, a condition that increases the risk of stroke and other serious heart problems. 

Dr. Vadim Gushchin - Surgical Oncology at Mercy - Baltimore

Thyroid Cancer More Prevalent Among Women?

While thyroid cancer is one of the most treatable, according to doctors, it's also the fastest growing cancers, especially among women.

Heart Center - Baltimore, MD

Dr. David D. Kim Named Director of Echocardiography at Mercy

David D. Kim, M.D., has been named Director of Echocardiography for The Heart Center at Mercy Medical Center. 

Functions of the Liver

Hepatitis C Screening Important For Baby Boomers

It's a disease linked to drug use and tattoo needles, but Hepatitis C is also transmitted through infected blood and blood products.

Mechele Atlas Patient


Mechele chose to avoid alcohol during pregnancy to minimize the possible risk of birth defects.

Gynecologic Care at Mercy Baltimore Dr. Lynch

Understanding Menopause

Mercy Gynecologist Dr. Meghan Lynch discusses curbing menopausal symptoms.

Dr. Matilda Hagan - Mercy Medical Center

What Causes Gut Inflammation?

Mercy Gastroenterologist Dr. Matilda Hagan discusses the causes and treatment of gut inflammation.

Surgical Oncology at Mercy - Baltimore

Gastric Cancer Difficult To Diagnose Early

While Americans rarely develop gastric cancer anymore, new immigrants from Asia, Eastern Europe and South America remain at high risk for the disease.

Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy - Baltimore

Dealing with Flat Feet

Many adults have flat feet that remain flexible and pain-free throughout their lives. But there are some common conditions that create painful flat feet, although doctors say that these problems that can be treated.

Dr. Rebecca Cerrato - Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy - Baltimore

Ankle Replacement Surgery For Severe Arthritis

As baby boomers age, the amount of joint replacement surgeries they get has grown in number, and a total ankle replacement has become a promising option to eliminate the pain.

Showing 1-10 of 316 Results

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