Mercy Gynecologist Dr. Meghan Lynch Discusses Curbing Menopausal Symptoms

September 26, 2016
Gynecologic Care at Mercy Baltimore Dr. Lynch

Hot flashes, weight gain and night sweats are all menopausal symptoms.

What can you do to treat it? When do you modify your life and live with it?

Those are questions patients like Lendora Cleveland have asked for years.

“It made me change my lifestyle,” Cleveland said. “So it wasn't such a bad thing to have happen.”

Cleveland acknowledges that when her hormones changed, her body did, too.

"First thing that my complaint was the weight gain and not being able to lose it as fast or as easily as I wanted to,” she said.

According to Mercy gynecologist Dr. Meghan Lynch of The Institute for Gynecologic Care at Mercy Medical Center, Cleveland’s symptoms are pretty common when a patient starts menopause.

"The first thing they tell me is it is just a change from what they're used to,” Dr. Lynch said. “They notice that her periods are changing, or their mood, or their sleep, so it's just different than what they're used to."

Dr. Lynch noted that medication is an option for patients with severe symptoms, but the first thing she does is work with a patient to live with the changes that come with menopause.

"It forces some women to go to the doctor who haven't been in a while,” Dr. Lynch said. “But it's good. They hit 50 and have what we call the 50,000-mile checkup. They got to get their colonoscopy and their mammogram and they have to talk about the premenopause or changes."

Cleveland now manages her menopausal symptoms and said the end result actually helped her overall health.

With a newborn grandson and career in education, she wants to be healthy and said menopause helped her get there.

"I have a lot going on,” Cleveland said. “I love what I do. So my family has always been my support system.”

View Dr. Meghan Lynch’s interview regarding curbing menopausal symptoms.

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