Mercy Gastroenterologist Dr. Matilda Hagan Discusses Causes, Treatment of Gut Inflammation

September 12, 2016
Dr. Matilda Hagan - Mercy Medical Center

Many times, people are asked to trust their gut, but if those who are literally experiencing gut inflammation may need to see a doctor.

Medical experts said that there are a lot of conditions that can cause gut inflammation, and to find out what the problem may be, a patient may simple as a blood test or endoscopy.

According to gastroenterologist Dr. Matilda Hagan of The Institute for Digestive Health & Liver Disease at Mercy Medical Center, there is a connection to your gut and your brain.

“It could be depression, it could anxiety, or just a general feeling of not being well,” Dr. Hagan said. “Some people might describe a mental fogginess.”

Oftentimes changing your diet can make all the difference, Dr. Hagan explained, adding that foods like blueberries, cherries, lentils or turmeric can help ease gut inflammation.

View Dr. Matilda Hagan’s interview regarding gut inflammation.

Dan Collins - Senior Director of Media Relations at Mercy Medical Center

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