Mercy Pain Management Specialist Dr. David Maine Discusses “What You Need to Know About Anesthesia”

April 3, 2017
The Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy

For many patients awaiting surgery, the thought of anesthesia can bring on anxiety.

But these days, anesthesia does not always mean being “put under.” Knowing what types of anesthesia are available can make a difference in a patient’s recovery.

Lee Richmond said she will be walking with a cane for a while after having spinal surgery in December.

Going in to that procedure, Richmond was certain about one thing.

“I wanted local anesthesia,” she said.

Richmond stressed that she did not want general anesthesia, the type that renders a patient is unconscious during surgery. She believes having another option made her recovery easier.

“The reason I had it was not because I was afraid of the surgery, but because I really wanted to be as aware as I could be afterward,” she said.

According to Dr. David Maine, Director of The Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy Medical Center, it is understandable why a patient may be apprehensive about anesthesia. The side effects are generally minor.

“It truly is very safe,” Dr. Maine said.

Technology and monitoring have come a long way in terms of anesthesia options, giving patients less to worry about and more choices to select from.

“It all depends on the patient, the surgery and other medical comorbidities because ultimately you want to choose the safest anesthetic plan for each patient and it's truly an individual decision based on the circumstances,” Dr. Maine said.

Richmond was relieved about the options available to her.

“I'm doing pretty well now,” she said.

View Dr. David Maine’s interview with WBAL-TV11 about anesthesia.

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